Unsurprising SONA tweets: my comments


On July 23, President Aquino III delivered his SONA (State of the Nation Address) to inform the Filipinos inside and abroad, on the condition of the country under his administration.

I have read and select some post-SONA comments, using hashtags #SONA2012 that Filipinos had, they be groups or individual, on tweeter. Here’s what I would have to say…

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In pictures: U. S. soldiers used ‘water cure’ on Filipino ‘insurgents’

Before ‘water cure’ or ‘water boarding’ was known to have been used on ‘terrorists’ or ‘insurgents’ by the U.S. soldiers, this mode of torture have already been used on Filipinos they also called ‘insurgents’.

“This is a photograph of the “water-cure,” one mode of torture and interrogation used by the U.S. soldiers” during the Philippine-American War/photo by Jonathan Best Collection; from the book The Blood of Government, by Paul Kramer.

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Reducing OFWs to abstract, commodity

This article is about the negative impact of classifying OFWs according to their skills–“lowly skilled”; “semi-skilled” and “highly skilled”– blogger.

If the argument was purposely to label the workers according to their type of work, yes they can do it and they’ve done it. That is how commodities (are we?) are labeled, right? When the government decides on a matter of policy one is very likely or forced to, whether OFWs likes it or not, comply with it. But complying with it does not mean one agrees with it, or this will become absolutely correct at all.

But whether it has use in reality or what impact is has had in ones daily life, no scholar or government can feel the depth of what a person is experiencing. If the policy needs to be changed, then it is where it should go. It is (in theory) for the OFW, not for the sake of having a policy, right?

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Filipinos can’t be divided in stereotypes

This article is a response to “Why Mareng Winnie was (likely) not addressing you” article published at gmanews.tv – blogger.

This makes sense. Monsod’s argument about ‘traitor’ was inexcusably wrong.
But to divide and classify Filipinos abroad, in this article, merely of their work types–“highly skilled”, “semi-skilled” and “low-skilled”, itself does not speak of the reality.

It disfranchises, does not recognize and denies the existence of other Filipinos not falling under this author’s stereotypes.

This broad, generalization and stereotyping do not help at all. We cannot divide humans and their experiences merely because that is what is written in their work permits; or, their condition of stay in foreign countries.

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Senator’s proposed law is unrealistic

This is a proposed law by Senator Lito Lapid (Maintenance of Parents Act of 2010) that is DETACHED from reality. Even without this bill being proposed, we Filipinos have since time immemorial been supporting our parents, financially or otherwise, if we are capable to do so.

Not to be able to support cannot be simply and superficially justified as ‘neglect of the elderly’. A question should rather be asked: “why can’t they give support”? Even if this law is approved, granting for the sake of argument, do you think the parents would bother complaining in court at all?

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Gunmen slaughtering criminal suspects

Apart from killing human rights and social activists, gunmen in the southern Philippines are carrying out the systematic slaughter of persons accused of involvement in criminal activities and even some who have been the victims of crimes. Dozens have died in such incidents.

In a span of three months 29 persons, five of whom were minors, have been reported murdered in separate shooting incidents in General Santos City. This figure is a small fraction of the actual number of killings, most of which remain undocumented. The gunmen, usually armed with .45 caliber pistols and riding on motorcycles, go out on shooting sprees and take out their targets with complete impunity.

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Three persons, including a boy, slaugthered in a day

MINORS ARE TARGET, TOO: Gunmen shot dead this boy in a crowded street in Davao City, Southern Philippines. Like many other dozens of killings perpetrated by gunmen riding on motorcycle, this boy’s murder too, was on pretext he had been involved in criminal activity.Photo by Tambayan Center, Inc.

Within a span of 24 hours, according to SunStar Superbalita, a local tabloid newspaper, three persons, including a 17-year-old boy, had been murdered by gunmen riding on a motorcycle on May 16 and 17 in General Santos City, the Philippines.

As in previous cases of murders of this nature, all three had been accused of committing criminals offenses previously. Below is the brief English version of the said report;

Shot in front of his playmates

Date: May 16 at 7:30pm
victim: Alfredo Secuya Jr., 17 years old; of Zone 3, Block 0, Barangay Fatima

Alfredo Secuya Jr. was playing basketball when he was approached by gunmen who shot him twice. Two slugs from a .45 caliber pistol had been recovered from the crime scene. There were suspicions he could have been killed by “hired killer” and that he had been involved in illegall drugs after having been swayed by his friends.

This man orphans three children

Date: May 17 at around 10am
Victim: Ruel Medrano, 22 years old; of Purok San Roque, Barangay Labangal

Ruel Medrano was seen eating a snack in one of the stores when gunmen shot him dead. The gunmen, armed with a .45 caliber pistol, had approached the victim unnoticed shoting him on the head at close range. Three slugs from a pistol were found from the crime scene.

Though Ruel’s mother, Erlinda, admitted her son have had previous record of theft for stealing a mobile phone, but it happened a long time ago and they had already returned the stolen item to the owner.

“Ambot nganong gipatay man nila ang akong anak, wala silay kasing-kasing, ang akong hangyo sa mga nakakita unta motabang sa akoa aron akong maangkon ang hustisya sa kamatayon sa akong anak nga ilang gipatay, gi-angkon nako na nga may kaso na pero gibayran na nako to, looy kaayo kay may tulo pa kana nga anak nga iyang nabilin (I don’t know why they killed my son, they have no heart. My plea for those who have seen those who had killed him to help me obtain justice. I admit that my son has had a theft case before, but I already paid for it. I feel pity to his three children he had orphaned)”

Killed for being previously detained

Date: May 17 at around 7pm
Victim: Bembo Aponesto, 31 years old; of Purok 2, Rajah Muda, Barangay Bula

Bembo Aponesto was standing just outside the house of his friend when he was shot dead by unidentified gunmen. Two gunmen, carrying a .45 caliber pistol, were seen approaching him before they shot him. He suffered three gunshot wounds to his head killing him instantly. The community police, however, claimed Bembo had previously been detained in their police station for committing an offense.

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