World is too big…

“Lord, watch out for me…the world is too big and i am so small”This quote reminds of a cross-sticth pattern i had years back. Although the quotes maybe old but it still continues to inspire me.
Yeah it’s true, the world is too big if you wanted to do things on your own. It’s big and unsafe if you feel you don’t have anybody to be with, to comfort you, support and others.

But for me, every miles of ‘travel begins with a single step’ as what an old chinese saying says. I maybe alone in my struggle to work for human rights in my country when i’m back there in a week, but i feel there still somebody out there who share same ideas with me.
i feel a bit lost, reluctant and quite concern of how am i going to deal with people around, in particular those working for human right into re-evaluating the struggle for human rights. But i know and i feel, the experiences and learning i have…it may not be enough, strengthens me.

I don’t know how far could i go with this struggle, but to me…i love and enjoy the work i’m doing. I’m not doing this to please anybody, for somebody or anything but because i believe in something.

I know that this would be a lot of work and i have to prove my worth yet. But i believe in doing a little for my fellow Filipinos will make difference.

So, when you feel like sometimes you’re alone, all you could do is take a deep sigh and say…Paita oy


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