"Hawaiian frog" as food

If some starving Filipinos eat root crops for food, which is poisonous if not prepared or cooked well, families of farmers in Alabel, Sarangani province in Mindanao are already eating “hawaiian frog” for their meals.
Push of their dire need for food, the starving families swooped into the riverbank and collect frogs. I just arrived at the community when i saw a bucket full of skinned frogs.
At the time, they’re mixing the spices for cooking. If it’s not prepared and cooked properly…it’s also poisonous.
Although it’s unthinkable for some people, but this families had to to survive a day…and to fill in their empty stomach.
Aside from eating frogs, some of them are contented of eating a piece of banana, others just boil water to suppress their hunger.
Had the government gave attention to the need of these people, they would have not suffer this starvation and hunger. Paita oy…


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Filed under Hunger, Poverty

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