How protesters are treated by HK police…

Hong Kong and the Filipino police

“Hong Kong police is better than Filipino police on handling protest”

When protesting farmers from South Korea forced theirselves to break into the police line securing the place where the WTO ministerial conference was held, the protesters had squirts of pepper liquids and tolerable beatings.

I couldn’t imagine how Filipino policemen would react and handle such kind of situation had it happen in streets of Manila, Philippines.

In Manila, any forms of protest may be dose with water cannons and confronted with severe beatings by the police. Even a prayer rally deserves a dose of water cannons – as what media reports we have learned.

This intolerable attitudes and complete incompetence by Filipino police is a total shame. While they they have total prejudices towards the protesters – suspecting them of communist symphatizers – they are arbitrarily using their authority and power.


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