Restore minimum wage of HK maids

Note: this letter to the editor was published by the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong on 3 February 2006

IN relation to SCMP‘s January 27 story entitled:”Scrap levy, restore our $400 pay cut, say maids”, i strongly believed that to reinstate the minimum wage of migrant workers has long been delayed.

With the improving economy in Hong Kong, the justification to imposed the levy is no longer reasonable – if indeed it the levy is premised on HKs economy.
I express deep symphaty with my fellow Filipinos who are forced to leave their own children to take care of others; who opted to skip snacks to save money; who cut each others’ hair instead of paying a costly saloon hair cut, among others things, as part of their daily life to surive while working here.

To reinstate the worker’s minimum wage will give justice to them and subsequently more prosperity to the Hong Kong people. To me, I think the contested amount is fair enough. After all, it’s not wage increase but benefit that for them but was cut.

I had admirations regarding the HK government’s general treatment of Filipino maids. But it pains me to learn the the migrant worker’s petition for a judicial review on the levy to the effect of reinstating the worker’s minimum wage is dragging on. I would like to draw the HK government’s attention to resolve this without delay.

I was raised in a not so well off family, so i feel how this workers feel while working here. I dreamed of someday that my country back home could offer more jobs so that no Filipinos would be forced leave their home to come here for work.


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