Reward system not a solution to killings

With intense pressure felt amongst the police here and abroad to produce results on it’s probe on killings they now thought of a unique solution to this–the reward system.

Now, they are offering rewards to those who could provide information. Giving rewards without dealing into the problem of witness protection, delays in adjudication of cases in court and the like is sick and totally unacceptable.

Anybody may have information on hand, be validated, but once they get the reward, there is no assurance that still they (tipsters) would pursue of testifying in court. The absence of willing persons to cooperate with police investigation, reward system manifest the police inability to perform its investigative duty and complete distrust from victims, families of the dead and witnesses–who opted to kept silent for fear.

Given the delays (years) in adjudication of cases in our country, this offer of rewards system instead of strengthening and to effectively implement the witness protection law, improved police investigations to be effective, adequately address problems in the prosecution and judiciary to prevent delays in order to promptly resolve cases by pouring government resources–it is meaningless.

Rewards system would only open risks for arbitrary arrests, arrest by mistaken identity and corruption amongst the police and the supposed tipsters as they would obviously not be named in public. A system without an existing transparent mechanism to monitor who would be qualified, how the reward be given and where the funds be drawn is of serious concern.

Although the police deny this mechanism as information buying, in reality it is. Our officials is perhaps amongst those good in speeches, rhetorics and diplomatic producing no results amongst the countries in Asia.

It seems to the government that the complete distrust amongst the victims and families of the dead to the justice system, and the ineffective prosecution, judicial delays and the like can be solved by reward system.

When would our government realise that to resolve killings, effective policing, prosecution and judiciary is integral to it. Government resources must be exhausted on improving these system instead of wasting reward money at the expense of police inefficiency.


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