What’s worth fighting?

My friends asked me a number of times, why do i have to continue my work if i feel sometimes it’s no longer safe.

My partner warned me, she won’t have second thoughts of kicking (my dead body) should I die for my work, or at least ’caused my death.

Though my parents, sister and brothers, are clueless of what’s going on in my work, my life, my family and what i really wanted to do with my life–all they care perhaps is my helping hand should they need me. Asked of their opinion about my work and stuff, i had no idea.

Why on earth do i have to continue the work when some of the people around me are yet not convince that this is what i wanted to do. They are preoccupied of the thoughts that perhaps I’m doing this work for money. Or, that because this is what i am asked to do.

Not only I’m fighting for a cause i think is right: to work for a better society (country). But of personal bouts, my friends, my family and the people around me…that i sometimes feel slight had effects of me. Truly, still it’s a long way to go for a better society.

In a country (Philippines) where killings, torture, and other serious forms of abuse you could imagine, becomes a part of life my ambition is perhaps a dream. But to loose hope and admit defeat means this self-styled struggle of mine has since been meaningless. It must not be the case.

What’s worth fighting? If the fruit of this struggle does not cover me, then at least for my little Icy and Andrei. That they may both have a better place to live with someday.

That my friends, family and the people around me, would realise someday that this is what my heart and mind telling me: meaningful is to exhaust yourself for what is for the common good.


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