Taxi cabs don’t have coins

If you come to Metro Manila, expect the inconvenient and mind blowing experience you could get by riding on a taxi cabs. Taxi drivers, if not all, have NO coins to change your peso bills.

For a person whose not really a taxi patron like me, i used to get back coins from peso bills that I am paying. But here in Manila, drivers don’t seems to appreciate the value of coins and the concept of a just payment. Meaning paying the amount of what you should only pay them.

If you’re paying a P100 peso bill and your taxi meter fare marks at P80, forget your P20 change as drivers would tell you: “Wala po’ng sukli sir eh(Sir, I don’t have any change)”. A P10s, P15s and P30s difference for a taxi fare are seems presumed ‘tips’ for drivers.

Not only they don’t give change, they also think that you owe them those for “presumed extra service” specially when you have luggage and they have them briefly unload from their compartments. Worst, they too drive you far from the route where you should be taking (obviously to increase the taxi meter).

While i deeply symphatize with the financial difficulties of these drivers, but to violate the franchising and metering rules at the passenger’s expense is unacceptable, to show arrogance to passenger refusing to give-up their coins for ‘tips’ is unlikely, to drive them into wrong routes is absurd, and to presumably think that it’s ok not to give passenger’s coins for a simple reason that they have NO coins is unethical.

My traumatic experience of riding taxi cabs obviously made me think that perhaps all the taxi drivers in Metro Manila are like that (which i shouldn’t think). When i ride on taxi cabs, what i have in mind is either this driver is driving me to a wrong route to increase meter or later he would not give back my change. Often what i thought later would be true.

Taking the taxi cab’s plate and body numbers, name of the taxi helps but often does not when you tried calling them to register complaints. Often phone are unanswered or not yet in service.

How i wish i could live in a place where honest people are.


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