Sorry for my country

At age 8, I thought the only people and country that exist are Filipinos and Philippines respectively.

I could not comprehend images of foreigners appearing on television shows, as I don’t see them actually in person in my hometown–General Santos City. As long as I am entertained with movies of western youngsters performing bicycle stunts on movies, that’s all that matters for me.

Never did I thought that a better place to stay should be fought. Never did I thought that my country is worst, poverty and injustice has long exist, people were killed and disappeared, and people died of hunger. That this is a way of life here.

I feel deeply sorry of how fast my country and its system degenerate.

Of how deeply engulf my country is into disaster and how long Filipinos had long been denied of their rights had long been a hard-won struggle.

The dollar to peso rate has improved but it has no meaning for us Filipinos who do not have dollars or using it. What disturbs me at least, is that our economy had been left out by the Vietnamese that is improving.

That skilled workers, professionals and medical experts had long opted to work way below of what they’re trained of to improve their family’s condition. The “Brain Drain” problem I fist encounter in my high school textbooks had long been left not arrested. I feel sorry for my country.

My fellow mass communication graduates in Davao City, at least two of whom, has instead work in outsourcing companies or call centers in Metro Manila. It seems working at call centers is becoming a descent work nowadays. The employment and underemployment rate is still high and continued on increasing yearly.

My sister too is unemployed. She completed her studies for Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English in 2005, but until now she has no work yet. She had been finding difficult of finding job fit for her. When she was hired in 2005 in one of the exclusive private school, it was through agency.

Even though how deeply sorry I am for my country, still there’s something inside of me that someday things would change. I feel sorry but the hope for change is still burning inside of me.

What shocked me is of how passive some Filipinos are to get involved on social issues. It reminds me of how my mom and dad did not even bother explaining to us when we were young what martial law was and why there are curfews in our village. While the selected few exploited and manipulated their power and authority to advance their interest, those affected people seemed to have ignored all this.

As I hate such people, I hate my self too. I hate of feeling being affected of the worsening condition in my country but only few people seemed to realized this. Often they are ridiculed for airing their voices and breaking silence.

I hate the politicians who are not advancing their constituent’s interests. I hate abusive police and military who remained unpunished. I hate the defective justice system we have denying violations victims of justice. I hate usual political bickering at the expense of the people. I hate that while other countries are improving we are moving backward. I hate Filipinos who discredits their roots and country instead of helping it.

I dreamed of the day Filipinos fight for common good. Not for their political agenda, selfish interest, and inimical to common good.

Despite how hopeless our country maybe is today–I still hang on to it. As long as I breathe, I’ll do my little own way of achieving this. I hope other Filipinos too thought of this.


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