To my brod Rashid

It’s been two years and a month has passed when my friend Rashid Manahan was killed in Davao City. Killed in August 2004, Rashid has yet to received justice.

Now that everyone seems to have forgotten him, I’d like to flash back memories of him on our days;

He was my brod in the fraternity he founded, Trivial Epsilon Omega (TEO). Had I not joined his fraternity (may have been dissolved now), we wouldn’t be able to get acquainted with each other.

It was him who gives blows on my butt and hit my hands with a belt. Initiation as they called it, but perhaps that dumbest thing I did let me knew him as a cause oriented activist.

Even after our college days, I remember him in my hometown where we had a talk. At the time I was already working in a daily newspaper there.

The second time we met was at an Internet shop in Cotabato City sometime in 2003. Usnfortunately, before he was killed we haven’t talked again. I was at the time sleeping at our office’s floor in Davao City when he went in and spoke to my colleague. The supposed third time, only his voice is what I have heard of. I never saw him again.

Days later, I got an SMS from my colleague while I was in my hometown that he was already killed. The news shocked me.

Every time I hear Joey Ayala’s song “Walang Hanggang Paalam”, I couldn’t help myself but to remember him–one of the finest activists I knew. It was sang in tribute to him.

Not only he was my friend, my colleague for a cause, but also he’s one of those who inspires and led me at least into the path where I’m in now: activism. Where ever he maybe, he maybe dead but his cause still lives within me.

Your life was fruitful my friend…I take my hat off for you.


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