Police and military should be made to answer for bombings

Inquirer Last updated 03:54am (Mla time) 01/13/2007

YET another bombing, this time in my home city, General Santos City. This is too much.

From television news reports here in Hong Kong, I get the impression that Philippine police, military and officials figured out nothing new about the bombings: diversionary tactics, the handiworks of rebels or terrorists. And they knew of it beforehand. Why they failed to prevent the bombings, they have no clear explanations. Instead, they blame the community for either being lax or for not reporting suspicious persons or movements.

Never have we heard the police and military admitting their ineptness in fulfilling their duty to protect the people. Never have they admitted that they need to improve their capabilities and competencies. They never learn from their previous mistakes. This is no longer just an issue of armed groups out of control — pity the poor civilians who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is a serious, basic issue of security and protection, not only in my home city, but all over the country.

Why did our police and military, despite the millions of pesos for their intelligence operations, again fail to protect us? Their admission that they had at least previous knowledge about the plot to bomb several areas of the country does not mitigate their failure. It was precisely because they had “previous knowledge” that their failure became the more unjustifiable. How can ordinary citizens now rely on them for security and protection?

Worst of all, they are not made accountable for their failure. Unless the police and the military are made to answer for their failure to protect us, security and protection will remain a dream, no, a nightmare for most Filipinos.


Police and military should be made to answer for bombings


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