Unfading yet real thought that bites

Among the many quotes and thoughts common during Martial Law and in recent times. These are my reflection of talking to people;

That, those critical of the government are subversives, communists, deviates;

That, don’t push people to the wall otherwise they’ll go underground, or take arms;

That, the government–specifically the presidents and their security forces–are the biggest recruiter of armed guerrillas;

That, a death of an activist would either sprung a new breed of revolutionary or it would encourage people to rebel, and fight back. This is self sacrifice in a sense;

That, the armed revolutionary are fighting for the people’s cause and those in the government are for the few elite, not for the poor. Therefore, rebels are for the people;

That, insurgency cannot be won by arms, force and brute alone;

That, according to most activists, our laws does not serve the interest of the Filipino people, therefore drastic change of system must be won;

That, victims of atrocities has not yet, and may not be able to get justice and seek redress, more so of compensation in the present state;

That, there has not been significant changes since then, despite us having a democratic state, and won the hard fought freedom;

Anyhow, never, if not at all, have I heard people–they be activist or not, elite or not, communists or not, that at the other side of the coin, it could be;

That, of why these perpetrators continue to be unpunished, and wield strong power and influence in the country’s government and politics, is because the system of justice in our hard fought democracy is so defective that it failed to deal with it;

That, it has not matured, and has not been allowed to mature. Instead, the so called rightist or leftist, have not taken serious attempts to reflect on this–defects of the justice system;

That, of why our police and military, despite repeated denials and assurance by the authorities they do not engage violations, they continue to do so. Too, there has not been serious attempt to look into the existing law or the lack of laws itself that could have allowed them to do so and escape from it;

That, that the top police and officials who have engineered the martial law, or are accomplices to committing atrocities before, either are or could still wield power and influence and carry on deep biased in the performance of their duties to date–and they have not been sanctioned or their biased ideologies are controlled;

That, the politicians and officials in the government, have since, and until now–and I supposed they would continue to do so, still wields influence and control on the basis of, among other things corrupting and exploiting others. The failure, tolerance and for being accomplices of their practices by the people is exonerating them;

That, our democracy and system of justice has long been subverted by some of those in the government, and our failure to explain, articulate and elaborately discussed to the Filipino people, may have not been helpful, and misses the point;

That, time and again, unless we take serious steps of improving and critically discuss the rotten condition of our democratic state, and that the change should at least start into the discussion “why our justice system does not function?”, history will repeat itself;


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