SAD NEWS: My cousin dies

My sister, Ana Bella, informed me few hours back that our cousin, Cecil, has died.

In my previous entry, I have mentioned about the death of Cecil’s son who died from hunger-related disease, severe malnutrition. I find myself finding it difficult to express my thoughts to describe her death now.

Just last Friday, I was discussing in my last blog entry about how hunger and starvation is hardly understood in my country, at least in my village. I cited her case as an example but never did I have any idea that she died already.

I shortly forgot about the sad news of her death when I phoned my friend, Benson. Yet, he informed me about the death of Marianette in Davao City. Once again, my cousin’s death and that of her son reminds me of what they had in common with that of Marianette. They all died and they never lived a humane life.

Their death is a shame on us all. If life for them was so cruel perhaps by dying would give them escape from what life they have had. I feel sorry for myself for not having done enough for my cousin; however, what angers me most is of how the state neglected them.


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