Migrants and their children treated subhumans


Largely migration is one person’s option when opportunities and chances of good life from his/her country of origin in dim.

But in some countries, for instance Burma, migration is not only motivated by the lack of opportunities back home but also a means to escape from persecution by the state authorities from whom they came from. The person who are supposed to protect their rights and ensure their wellbeing are the same persons responsible of shattering ones lives into bits of pieces.

Apart from being forced to leave from their home land for varying reasons, their descendants as well have had to suffer the consequences of their parent’s migration of their succeeding life ahead. The life of migrant’s siblings have already been decided even before the latter gains reason to defend themselves.

In Thailand, pregnant migrant workers has been threatened with deportation by the government. Migrant workers there are largely coming from Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Thai government unjustifiably considers this pregnant women as threats to national security, and that it requires action from them.

Apart from that, the supposed basic necessities for others; for instance use of mobile phone, motorcycle, medication for sick workers, amongst others things, is unlawful for migrant workers in Thailand, particularly in the border.

I was told that in Mae Sot one time a Burmese factory worker injured herself but refused to be taken to the hospital. The reasons: she has no proper documentation and the hospital bill would be charged from her meager salary. Not only she is afraid of being deported back to troubled Burma, she too had to endure her injuries for lack of any options. For her to suffer such was unthinkable for me but this however has become the way of life for migrants there.

In Hong Kong, the future of siblings of migrant couples are uncertain. The Hong Kong government do not consider giving either citizenship nor permanent residence to siblings of migrant workers who had nature of employment as domestic workers. These babies in effect would then be considered as undocumented alien and are vulnerable to deportation perhaps by the government.

In Japan, even siblings of migrant workers whose father are Japanese could not even obtain citizenship of their fathers unless the latter acknowledged it is his child. A large number of Japinos or Filipino-Japanese have been deprived of rights and welfare over this migration policies. This policy, however, has given more opportunity for Japanese fathers to exploit the female migrant workers.

This is however goes beyond the issue of morality amongst Japanese fathers but it’s a repressive policies depriving fundamental rights to children, who, in the first place caught in the middle and left without choice. Some siblings with Japanese have even experienced of being deported back to the Philippines and left to starve there.

Migrants and their children should not suffer this.

Photo taken from: http://www.latinamericanstudies.org


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