An aid that never existed

A photo taken in Pigcawayan before the flood -ed

In this report by Mindanews on May 1, it reported that the North Cotabato provincial government, a province in Central Mindanao, have declared the affected municipalities in their province devastated by flood in a state of calamity; and started distributing food aid and relief.

At least 8,500 hectares of farm crops–rice, corn and vegetables–had been destroyed and wasted. Some of them are even ripe for harvest or just been planted by farmers. The affected municipalities were Pigcawayan, Libungan, Midsayap, Aleosan, and Pikit, all in the first district.

Declaring an area under a State of Calamity, as what the provincial government already did to these towns, would enable them allocate funds and needed assistance for the villagers. A certain amount of money would have to be drawn town’s coffer for this.

As what the local officials and social welfare personnel had been claiming they already did distribute food aid, allocate fund and other assistance.

…the provincial social welfare and development office have been distributing rice to about 900 families affected by the disaster; the local government has allotted some funds for additional assistance.

However, in a check with my parents-in-law living in Pigcawayan, we were told though this never existed. No food aid, relief goods, or any sort of assistance had reach them. We learned of it on May 11, ten days after this report from the government had come out.

So, where have these food aid and assistance gone?


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