GenSan’s dark side

As some of you maybe aware, GenSan, an acronym for General Santos City, a city located in Southern Philippines, is known for its tunas and boxing champs.

While I disagree to this city’s name turning into co-equals to the name that of a boxing champ, but what really tragic to this city is the lack of value for human lives and the tolerance of it.

The murder of 18-year-old Epedilito Vallenti of Barangay Bula of the same city on May 12, speaks to the city’s dark side. His death adds on to the spiraling deaths perpetrated by men riding on motorcycle.

As translation to this report by SunStar on May 14 speaks to how these killings becoming a way of life there;

“He was sitting outside when a man had approached him and without any word shot him on the head twice. His father upon seeing him being shot took him to the hospital where he died later”.

His parents had no idea why their son had to be killed; but were only told the motive could have been his supposed role as leader of their group. But, actually his group’s member were smaller than his–which suggest the absence of any sort of criminal activities they were doing.

The last count in March 2008 of cases of this nature had reached over 20s.


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