Senseless deaths: 3 more cases

In addition to our yesterday’s post, below are three more cases of senseless deaths continuously occurring in General Santos City, Mindanao.

Never expect he was the target, too

Date: April 18 at 2:25pm iin Purok 6, Sitio Lanton, Barangay Apopong
Victim: Jonathan Lanciso,30; of Purok 4 of the same place

Jonathan Lanciso was with a crowd of people watching volleyball game when two gunmen, armed with .45 caliber pistol, approached him shooting him to his forehead. The bullet hitting him had pierced through the back of his head and his neck.

The attackers had escaped onboard a single motorcycle they had parked nearby to unknown direction. None of those who had seen the shooting, however, had come forward that they were able to identify the two attackers. The motorcycle also had no license plate.

Jonathan, who had come from a nearby village, came into the said place to observe a feast of a patron saint there when he was killed.

A team of police investigators from the Scene of the Crime Operative (SOCO) had recovered two slugs from a .45 caliber pistol at the crime scene.

The victim’s wife, Agnes, had no idea to what could have been the motive into her husband’s murder. However, she said her husband had once told him that they had been hearing humors someone would be killed in their place but they never know who. This prompted her to remind her husband repeatedly into taking precautions.

Nag-ingon ang akong bana sa akoa nga dunay patyon sa among lugar, mao na nga ako pod sige og sulti sa iya nga mag-amping kay basi siya usab tripan. Apan ingon niya sa akoa nga nganong mahadlok man siya nga wala man siyay sala. (My husband told me someone would be killed in our place. That is why I also had kept on telling him to take precaution as he could be needlessly targeted. But he told me, why he should be afraid since he didn’t do anything wrong)”

Tinuod napriso na ang akong bana usa ka tuig og tulo ka bulan tungod napasanginlan nga nakawala og pusil apan nakit-an man kadto ang pusil hinungdan nga siya gibuhian. Apan wala nay dautang record ang akong bana sa amoa. (It is true that my husband had been detained for a year and three months after having been falsely accused of lossing a firearm. But it was later recovered that is he was released. He had no records of wrongdoing in our place)

Meanwhile, another man who had also lost a one to unabated killing, Cesar, had expressed his disappointments with the government for its continuing failure to solve the killings there. His was the father of a village policeman who had been killed in Barangay South days earlier.

“Sa tinuod lang, ako anaa man usab sa gobyerno apan daghan nang patay ang nahitabo sa atong lugar apan nakadungog ba kamo nga dunay taho nga dunay nasulbad sa gipamatay sa siyudad, wala. (To tell you the truth, me too I am a government employee; however, there have been killinsg taking place in our place but have you heard any of it being solved? Nothing.

Bisan ako wala ko magdahum nga apil ang akong anak mabiktima usab niining extra judicial killings sa siyudad nga hangtud karon dakong problema lang gihapon. Nawad-an nako og pagsalig nga maangkon pa namo ang hustisya sa kamatayon sa akong anak. (Even me, I never thought that my son would also be one of those fallen victim to this extra-judicial killings in our city. I already lost trust that we would still be able to obtain justice for my son’s death),” he told local radio, Radio Mindanao Network (RMN).

Witnesses blinded by fear to laborer’s murder

Date: April 16 at around 2:40pm in Purok Malok Barangay Labangal
Victim: Consorcio Cepalda, 28; married, a resident of Purok Silway, San Juan, Barangay West

Consorcio Cepalda, a labourer working for Cebu Metal Corporation, was standing in front of his workplace waiting for a cargo truck, when two armed men, riding on a single motorcycle suddenly approached and shot him.

After the shooting, the gunmen had immediately escaped. Consocio’s colleagues had immediately come to his rescue taking him to the Diagans Cooperative Hospital. However, nearly three hours later he died while being treated there. He suffered gunshot wounds to his forehead and his back.

Police investigators themselves had difficulty investigating the case since the people who could have witnessed the incident refused to cooperate, a policeman said;

“Mao lagi na ang atong giproblemahan sa pagkakaron kay mismo ang mga tawo sa palibot pulos ambot, ambot, ambot. (Our problem is even the people who are there close to the crime would always say they didn’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know)”, said police investigator Senior Police Officer (SP01) Rex Diongon.

Dili (sila) andam motabang sa imbestigasyon hinungdan nga daghang mga kasong patay sa siyudad wala masulbad kay mismo gani ang mga nakakita bisan diha sa palibot dili man motabang bisan na lang unta nga mohatag sa ilang nasayran. (The witnesses had refused to cooperate that is why there have been several cases of killings in our city remains unsolved. Those who had witnessed the crime refused to cooperate even to sharing what they knew),” he added.

Gunman casually walked after shooting victim dead

Date: April 9 at 8:30pm at corner Magsaysay Avenue and Salazar street
Victim: Romy Aristoteles, 33; a resident of Zone 3, Purok Matinabangon, Barangay Labangal

Romy Aristoteles, a passenger motorcycle driver, was waiting for passengers he could pick up on street, when a gunman, armed with a .45 caliber pistol, suddenly shot him to the back of his head.

After the shooting, the attacker casually walked away from the crime scene.

Romy fell with his blood splatter to the ground. His fellow driver, Eleazar Patallo, immediately come to his rescue after he was shot. He took him to the St. Elizabeth Hospital but few hours later he died. Romy’s body was taken to the Labajo Funeral Homes.

Romy had suffered gunshot wound to the back of his head that also pierced through his forehead. A slug from .45 caliber pistol had been recovered from the crime scene.

Romy’s family was clueless to what could have been the attacker’s motive or reasons of killing him.


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