Senseless deaths: Nine dead, four wounded and one survives

His passengers shot him dead

Date: April 1 or 2; at San Pedro Street, Mateo Road, Barangay Bula
Victim: Jun Villamor, 57; a resident of Sto. Nino, Alabel, Sarangani

Jun Villamor was shot dead by two of passengers he was ferrying who allegedly had attempted to steal the motorcycle he was driving.

Jun was last seen driving his motorcycle with two other persons riding on his motorcycle. Before slamming his motorcycle underneath the back of a utility vehicle parked along the roadside, witnesses have heard gunshots.

Two of the attackers were seen escaping from the crime scene, one of whom was seen having difficulty of walking apparently from his injuries.

Jun suffered two fatal gunshot wounds from his back that pierced into his mouth. His artificial teeth frame was also found some 80 meters from where his dead body was pinned under a vehicle. His was identified through the motorcycle registration he had from his wallet. Some of the driver, who had come to the crime scene had also help identifying him.

His motorcycle, a red color Honda Wave model, was in total wreck.

Four killed, four wounded in a week

Date: from March 18 to 22
March 19
1. Gabriel Sintosas, 23; of Purok Malok (killed)
2. Emerson Estocado, 21; a resident of Purok San Roque, Labangal (killed)
March 20
3. Jonel Masula, 20; of Purok Litan, Barangay Sinawal
4. A 14-year-old person
5. Sadam Malagat
6. Ronie Ramos
7. Jerson and his brother;
8. Jonnel Lauron.

On March 18, Gabriel Sintosas, was shot dead at around 7:50am at his residence in Purok Malok, Barangay Labangal. At 9:10am also on that day, another victim, Emerson Estocado, 21; of Purok San Roque, was also killed.

On March 20, at around 9pm one Jonel Masula, 20 of Purok Litan, Barangay Sinawal and another 14-year-old were also murdered in Barangay Mabuhay.

Apart from those killed, four other teens have also been taken to General Santos City Hospital when unidentified gunmen shot them. The victims were Sadam Malagat, Ronie Ramos; and brothers Jerson and Jonnel Lauron. Two men riding on a motorcycle were seen shooting at them.

According to the police, those responsible in these attacks were persons described as about 5’5 feet tall, about 25 to 30 years of age. They were using a black Honda wave without a license plate.

Gunmen kill 16-yeard-old

Date: March 18, around 9:55pm along Barangay City Heights
Victim: Rolen Daganio (a.k.a dugong bunso), 16; a resident of Perez Subdivision, Barangay San Isidro

Rolen Daganio was with two of his relatives when he was shot dead by unidentified gunmen riding on another motorcycle. Rolen was waiting for his uncle and cousin who at the time stopped along the roadside to answer the call of nature.

His uncle, Rogelio Inconcillano, and cousin, Rember Nunez, said Rolen was waiting for them when attackers suddenly appeared and shot him.

The attackers were riding another motorcycle, a red XLR model. Rolen and his relatives were at the time on their way to a church. Rolen has died instantly as he was hit to his check piercing through his head.

The two gunmen Nakasibat had escaped towards the National Highway.
Rolen’s body was taken to the RBL Funeral Homes.

Found dead at a roadside

Date: March 10; at around 9:15pm in Purok Bulaong Extension, Barangay Labangal
Victim: Danilo Bactol, 45; a resident of Purok 3 Lanton, Barangay Apopong

Danilo Bactol was found dead and his motorcycle stolen shortly after he was last seen ferrying two other passengers whom he had picked up. He suffered gunshot wounds to his belly and back which reportedly resulted to his death.

Danilo’s body had been found at a roadside by some of the villagers in the area.
The motorcycle was driving, Honda Bravo X-100 with license plate number MC 4670, could no longer be located. It was apparently stolen by the attackers as it happens in other cases.

Danilo was taking the passenger to Purok Bulaong, a place close to where he was found dead, when they themselves had him killed. The police were able to recover two empty shells from a .45 caliber pistol. Danilo suffered two fatal gunshot wounds.

Former detainee shot dead

Date: March 7; at around 10:30am along Amao Road, Barangay Bula
Victim: Nasser Kamid, 28; of Purok Islam, Barangay South

Nasser Kamid was in the area when three attackers riding on a motorcycle, armed with a .45 caliber pistol, suddenly appears and shot him dead.

Though the police have yet to conclude their investigation; they however suggest that he had been previously detained at the Davao Penal Colony (Dapecol).

Nasser suffered three gunshot wounds to his head. Three empty shells from a .45 caliber pistol had been recovered by the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) team at the crime scene.

The police, too, had impounded the motorcycle and safety helmets the attackers could have used when they attacked Nasser. The perpetrators had reportedly used another motorcycle, owned by another student, when they escape. It was however abadone close to a hospital.

Two of three suspects held; driver victim killed

Date: February 8 at 3:30pm along Sitio Linaw, Tinuto
Victim: Norsayda Dalagan, 16; of Barangay Bawing, General Santos.

Norsayda Dalagan had been hired by three passengers when they started attacking the former by repeatedly stabbing him as they pass through an inhabited place.

The three attackers, namely Armand Alero, 23; Arthur Ali Gosting, 23; and Teng Rebulan, 23, hired Norsayda’s service from Barangay Bawing towards Sitio Tampat, Barangay Tinuto. All the attackers were living in the same village.

However, upon reaching Sitio Linaw, Tinuto, they suddenly started stabbing Norsayda from the back. After the incident, the three men escape taking with them Norsayda’s motorcycle. They had hidden the motorcycle in a remote place.

But a witness who had seen the incident immediately reported to a nearby army detachment. One of the soldiers station there, Staff Sergeant Samuel Abucay had immediately responded by going to the crime scene which resulted to the arrest of one of the suspects. Alero. Staff Sergeant Samuel said Norsayda was still breathing when they arrived but he later died as they were about to take him to hospital.

“Nakit-an nako sir nga anaa sa daplin kritikal ang drayber nga si Norsayda ako na lang gipasakay sa usa ka sakyanan aron dad-on sa ospital apan wala na makaya sir nakabsan na siya sa iyang kinabuhi (I saw the driver in critical condition along the roadside. I thought of taking him to hospital by another vehicle but he already died),” Samuel said.

As the police were taking Alero to the nearby Municipality of Maasim, Sarangani, they had been informed that another suspect, Arthur, was seen escaping by riding on a passenger van. The police set-up a checkpoint along Barangay Bawing and eventually resulted to the arrest of Arthur. The two arrested persons were detained in Maasim.

Survives murder attempts by neighbor

Date: February 4; at around 8pm
Victim: Roger Gojeli, 19;

Roger Gojeli was ferrying his neighbor, a certain Iko, when the latter and his companion started repeatedly stabbing him, as they were forcibly taking his motorcycle.

Roger suffered 24 stab wounds to his head. The suspects had escaped and abandoned him for dead thinking that he was already dead. Roger, however, played dead along the roadside, and immediately reported to police when the attackers left.

Roger said alyas Iko had hired him for Php30 to send him to Lote Calumpang from Purok Mauswagon, Labangal. However, as they were passing through in a dark place the suspect started stabbing him.

They immediately took the victim’s motorcycle with them.


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