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Senator’s proposed law is unrealistic

This is a proposed law by Senator Lito Lapid (Maintenance of Parents Act of 2010) that is DETACHED from reality. Even without this bill being proposed, we Filipinos have since time immemorial been supporting our parents, financially or otherwise, if we are capable to do so.

Not to be able to support cannot be simply and superficially justified as ‘neglect of the elderly’. A question should rather be asked: “why can’t they give support”? Even if this law is approved, granting for the sake of argument, do you think the parents would bother complaining in court at all?

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My Icy’s fotos…

Above are the fotos of my little girl, Dane Izz Reyes.
She was delivered at 2:34pm, May 18, at a lying inn center in Barangay Culiat, Quezon City. It was a normal delivery.
Weighing 3.4 kilos, my little girl gives joy to me and her mom, Izz.
My mother, Luz, was also there when she was born.
Enjoy watching my little one’s cute fotos…

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